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Greetings from CEO


Making offshore wind power technology familiar


 We have started up our business as a “fabless manufacturer” and we have outsourced to manufacture our two bladed wind turbines. European manufacturers have had the majority share of the worldwide wind turbine market and recently the Chinese have been emerging too. Ever since the only Japanese manufacturer has terminated manufacturing turbines in March, 2019, there are no existing Japanese wind turbine manufacturers now. We are aiming to procure major parts from Japanese domestic manufacturers and manufacture a pure “Made in Japan” wind turbine at an early stage.
 On the other side we are ongoing wind turbine demonstrative research. Under the guidance of NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Development Organization) organizing a consortium with Marubeni Corp., Tokyo University, HITZ we have started to operate an offshore wind turbine located 15km away from Kitakyushu coast since June, 2019. This demonstrative research would be continued for 3 years until fiscal year of 2021.
 In April 2019, the enforcement of “Bill for the Act of Promoting Utilization of Sea Areas Using Maritime Renewable Energy Resources in Development of Power Generation Facilities” should be a boosting factor for the wind energy industry. A new market with an estimated value of 2 trillion Yen (JPN) would be created.
We are to be dedicated to lead the renewable energy industry development and technological innovations in Japan, a nation surrounded by the ocean.


代表取締役 奥原征一郎

A company that challenges with respect and honor

GLOCAL corporation
CEO Seiichiro Okuhara